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Who? What? When? Where? and a synopsis

Applications for cast crew and band are now open. These can be delivered by email or hard copy.

Cast and crew: burtonc@pnbhs.school.nz

Band: d.joe@pnghs.school.nz

Don't forget a photo!!


Please note the closing dates for applications:

Cast and band: Sept 29

Crew: Oct 16 (after cast has been announced) We may accept 


Your bible is the lengthy Pre-audition Information doc which very clearly states our expectations and your commitments. In 2020 some people broke these and they were stood down from the Company. Please read this VERY CAREFULLY with a Caregiver or Parent.

The Timeline shows your commitments in Term 1 2021.

Here you can find all the numbers in Streakin' on Spotify:

Who can take part?

Year 9s and above can apply for band or crew

Year 10 and above can audition for cast, band and crew

Remember: Compulsory Information Evening for ALL cast and band auditionees Week 10 Monday Sept 21 730pm Speirs Centre for about 45 mins. Parents are welcome.
If you cannot attend because of a prior commitment, you must make an apology before the night to Mr Burton by email: burtonc@pnbhs.school.nz. Students who do not follow this process will not be guaranteed the right to audition.



Pre-audition Information                                     Term 1 2021 Tmeline Version 1






Cast application Due 25/9           Band application Due 25/9             Crew application Due 16/10









Audition numbers: one version is instrumental only, the other is sung


General Workshops/Auditions– Everyone to learn

these first two numbers


Everything Is Beautiful -  unison Beginning to bar 17





Joy To the World – Bar 20 – bar35 – 3 part harmony






GIRLS – Solo roles

I Am Woman – Bar 11- 21






Lady Marmalade – beginning to 22







Rainy Days and Mondays Bar 15 - 32





BOYS – Solo Roles

Sexy Thing - Beginning to bar 22






Smokin in the Boys Room - Beginning to bar 20






Country Roads - Beginning to bar 37






Convoy Bar 15 – 22

Everything is beautiful ST70 Audition cuChorus Everything is Beautiful
00:00 / 00:35
Rainy Days and Monday ST70 Audition Cut
00:00 / 00:58
You Sexy thing ST70 Audition cut - 17_08
00:00 / 00:50
Joy to the world ST70 Audition Cut - 17_
00:00 / 00:31
I am Woman ST70 Audition Cut - 17_08_20_
00:00 / 00:31
Smokin in the boys room ST70 Audition Cu
00:00 / 00:32
Take me home country Roads ST70 Audition
00:00 / 00:55
Convoy ST70 Audition Cut - 18_08_20_ 4
00:00 / 00:23
Lady marmalade ST7- Audition Cut - 17_08
00:00 / 00:49
Take me home country roads - Backing - a
00:00 / 00:55
Convoy - Backing - audition - 5_09_20, 5
00:00 / 00:49
Smokin in the boys room - backing - audi
00:00 / 00:47
Rainy Days and Mondays - backing - audit
00:00 / 00:58
Lady Marmalade - backing - audition - 5_
00:00 / 00:49
Joy to the world- backing - auditions -
00:00 / 00:26
You sexy thing - backing - audition - 5_
00:00 / 01:05
I am woman - backing - audition - 5_09_2
00:00 / 00:31
Everything is beautful - backing - audit
00:00 / 00:34

Artistic Management Team

Director Chris Burton, Dance Director, Co-Director Alex Hughes,

Vocal Director, Co-Director  Kirsten Clark, Band Director Danielle Joe

Costume Directors: Sally Darby and Carol Kellett


Director’s note

Currently, this show has never been performed outside of the USA. At my request, rights have been granted to an Australian distributor, David Spicer, to distribute the show in Australasia. Hopefully, this will be our second Australasian premiere.

Below is some basic information shared from the libretto. It gives you an idea of what the show is about.

The show was originally written for a cast of 6 but we will be using a cast of somewhere around 40. Therefore, our cast list will likely be quite different; we see the exciting ability with this show to give acting, dancing and singing opportunities to capable individuals who aren’t necessarily the named roles, as per the different parts listed below that each of the six played. That will be decided as a result of workshops/auditions in Term 4 Weeks 1 – 3. However, we will retain the core of lead characters too.


Streakin’!  is a kaleidoscopic musical flashback to the 1970s set in the USA.

Each scene introduces a cultural happening from the decade. Within each scene are memories related to those phenomena that tumble into each other and morph, ultimately creating a pop collage of the entire decade.

It is a comedy based in the joy of remembering a tumultuous and fast-paced time. Simultaneously (for the people who may not have these memories) there is the music. Each song authentically conjures up the original hit. Although the performers are not impersonating the original artists, they pay homage to the original hits by incorporating quirks and phrasing from those recordings and morphing them into refreshed and alive performances.



TRIPP: A dazed and confused adult. High rock tenor.

  • Plays: TIM, the “pop star” son in 27 Bubblegum Lane (a 70s sitcom); a draft dodger; JO JO, the “winner of last week’s hustle contest”; a trucker; a backwoods Deliverance type.

TYRONE: A Lou Rawls-type who came to “party.” Must sing R&B as well as pop.

  • Plays: POPS, a stagehand in Scream That Theme; DR. GRADY, the father in 27 Bubblegum Lane, (a 70s sitcom); a student revolutionary; the VILLAGE PERSON.

DONNY: An “Up With People”-type (Donny Osmond) with a toothy smile. Great pop singer and great comedian.

  • Plays: TAP KNEEJERK, a game show host in Scream That Theme; CARVER, the myopic and brainy son in 27 Bubblegum Lane (a 70s sitcom); a student revolutionary; TONY MARINO, a Saturday Night Disco King; a John Denver-type.

CHRISSIE: A blonde (Suzanne Somers), 70s bombshell-type. Must be an excellent singer and dancer.

  • Plays: A Karen Carpenter-type; MELANIE COLLINS, the sex-crazed girl next door in 27 Bubblegum Lane (a 70s sitcom); a HIPPIE CHICK modern dancer; LEESHA, “last week’s winner of the hustle contest”; a Toni Tenille-type.

GLORIA: A tough women’s (Gloria Steinem) libber. Must be an excellent comedian and singer.

  • Plays: ZANNA O’MANNA, a whacked-out, Vanna White-type in Scream That Theme; PEGGY, the housekeeper in 27 Bubblegum Lane (a 70s sitcom); a student revolutionary; SCARIE WHITE (Carrie’s cousin); a female trucker; a backwoods Deliverance-type.

ANGELA: A former disco diva and Tina Turner-type. Great dancer and a fierce R&B singer.

  • Plays: a Patti LaBelle-type; POOKIE, the youngest pigtailed daughter in 27 Bubblegum Lane (a 70s sitcom); a student revolutionary (an Angela Davis-type); SONNA, a Donna Summers-type and a trucker.

CHORUS: will include a number of the smaller characters above plus bystanders, protesters etc


MUSICAL NUMBERS which are likely to be shared more than is indicated below with chorus added in places



1.         Play That Funky Music White Boy      Band & Cast

2.         You Sexy Thing                                    Tyrone

3.         Have You Never Been Mellow            Chrissie & Backup

4.         Smokin’ in the Boys Room                  Tripp with Tyrone & Donny

5.         I Am Woman                                       Gloria & Women

6.         Everything is Beautiful                        Donny with Tyrone & Trip

7.         Lady Marmalade                                Angela with Chrissie & Gloria

8.         Scream That Theme                            Band

9.         Scream Bossa                                      Band

10.       Love is All Around                               Band & Zanna (Gloria)

11.       Movin’ On Up                                      Band & Zanna (Gloria)

12.       Streakin’ Music                                   Band

12A.     Streakin’ Music Reprise                      Band

13.       Musical Chairs                                     Band

14.       Those Were the Days                          Pops Washington (Tyrone) & Contestant

15.       Scream That Theme 2                         Band

16.       Rainy Days and Mondays                    Chrissie & Backups

17.       Theme From 27 Bubblegum Lane      (Pre-Record?)

18.       Brand New Key                                   Melanie Collins (Chrissie)

19.       Joy to the World                                 Pookie (Angela) & All (Except Dr. Grady)

20.       You Light Up My Life                           Peggy (Gloria)

21.       Bubblegum Incidental                         (Pre-Record?)

22.       Love Will Keep Us Together                Company

23.       War Cries                                            Tripp & Company

24.       Who’ll Stop the Rain                           Angela & Tyrone

25.       Peace Train                                         Company

26.       I Love the Nightlife                             Sonna




27.       Treat Her Like a Lady Underscore       Band

27A.     Treat Her Like a Lady                          Tony (Donny) & Company)

28.       In the Village                                       The Village Person (Tyrone)

29.       Disco Inferno                                       Scarie (Gloria) & Company

30.       The Morning After                              LeeSha (Chrissie) & Company

31.       Take Me Home Country Roads           Donny with Gloria

32.       The Air That I Breathe                         Donny, Angela & Tripp

33.       Convoy                                                Trucker (Gloria) with Angela & Tripp

34.       Muskrat Love Part 1                            Toni (Chrissie)

34A.     Troglodyte (The Bertha Butt Boogie) Sugar (Tyrone)

34B.     Muskrat Love Part 2                            Toni (Chrissie)

34C.     Mountain Cousins                               Inbred Cousins (Gloria & Tripp)

34D.     Muskrat Love 3                                   Toni (Chrissie)

35.       News Montage                                   Company

36.       MacArthur Park                                  Company

37.       I Will Survive                                       Angela & Company

38.       Bows   

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