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Leave granted by Mrs C

Please remember that all decisions made are based on the premise of what is best for the team. This includes granting leave and will sometimes mean some is granted and some is declined, depending on what we are doing at that time. 

Examples of leave granted from Oklahoma 2023.
Nov 6 Ngamarama Tuariki, Jesse Wallace, Lachie Fraser
Nov 13 Scott Sun 2-430pm, Grace Cohen, Lachie Fraser
Nov 20 Scott Sun 1-430pm
Nov 24 - 26 Kate Coutts
Nov 27 Ngataria Pomana, Grace Cohen, Isaac Fox
Nov 27 - Jan 29 Linn Herzig
Dec 4 Lily-Rose Parker, Ngamarama Tuariki, Kate Coutts, Noah Wingfield -Smith, Phoebe Driscole
Dec 11 Nadia Mabey, Abigail Bentham, Ngataria Pomana, Gabby Cavan
Dec 18 Abigail Bentham, Josh Webster, Connor Puanaki
Dec 19 Josh Webster
28 Dec - 26 Jan Gabby C
Jan 21 - 30 Lachie Fraser, Linn Herzig
Jan 25 & 26 Kate Coutts
Feb 2 Jake Maskill, Kaitlin Murphy and Axis Simon from 5pm
Feb 6 Stellar Talauta, Kate Coutts
Feb 12 Ngataria Pomana, Ava Gilbert, Ella Udy
Feb 13 Madeline Bevan, Ngataria Pomana
Feb 19 Ishmam Biswas (Crew)
Feb 27, 28 Rhiannon Hesp
March 1, 2 Poppy Shoebridge
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