Leave granted by Mr B

Please remember that all decisions I make are based on the premise of what is best for the team. This includes granting leave and will sometimes mean some is granted and some is declined depending on what we are doing at that time. 

Nov 21 Saem Millward, Axis Simon, Will Tate-Davis (from 1.30pm), Camden Woodroffe, Cici Sun, Issy Lee, Angela Fang, Arahan Pilkington, Leo Xu
Nov 28 Late - Scott Du (late), Saem Millward (late), Jason Gui (late), Issy Li (late), Cici Sun (from 345)
Dec 5  Paris Kareko (leave early), Kate Coutts, Lachlan Fraser, Jack Parker, Lily-Rose Parker, Cam Woodroffe (late).
Dec 12 Alice Moir, Nadia Mabey, Cici Sun (from 345), Callum McKinnon, Leo Xu, Arahan Pilkington, Will Tate-Davis, Lachlan Fraser

Jan 26/27 Ella Udy, Kaitlin Murphy

Feb 6  Sashini Punchihewa
Feb 24  Lilly Rooney