06/11 continued: CREW: Applications closed yesterday. All students who have applied are asked to meet at the Speirs Centre at 1.25pm this Sunday, 10/11. If you cannot attend, you need to make a PRIOR apology to Mr Burton at burtonc@pnbhs.school.nz Attendance will be taken into account in next week's selection process.​

06/11  Hi Guys. One or two notices

Garments for Band, crew and cast. Samples for tees (male and female $22) and hoodies ($45) have arrived and will be available for sizing from 12.15 to 1pm THIS SUNDAY.. We have gone with navy blue. No orders accepted without payment but PNBHS students only may pay to the Finance Office and bring their receipt to order. PNGHS cash only. The order will be paced on Monday week - Nov 18. PLease get your sizing sorted this Sunday as samples will be returned but you have until the following Sunday to order and pay. Mrs Marks is ic this area.

The logo is shown on our Facebook group page though the PNBHS/PNGHS bit will be bolder and there will not be the white oblong surround

After this notice, most day to day comms will only be posted on this group page as this is our working page. All Company members and/or a parent need to be members and reading this regularly please. We expect that you are completely up to date with our notices.

Me and My Girl cast

Congratulations to those below who have been selected. The competition was at an unprecedented level and we feel for those who have missed out. Thank you for putting yourself out there and helping to make this a dynamic experience. Be sad for a little while but you need to move on. What have you learned that you could work on for next year? If you need to talk to someone approach your family, friends, school counsellors or staff you know.


Band (appointed so far)

Lara Harjes, Lizzy MacKay, Joe Inman, Sophie Ward, Nicholas Dewhurst



Ayesha Satya, Laura Lopez, Leanora Potten, Caleb Rayner, Zac Maskill, Leah Crisp, Shanay Rossiter, Paris Kareko, Aylin Atalay, Selena Ton, Nicole Doidge, Dylan Cryer, Matthew Allen, Ben White, William Hince, Ollie Gillespie, Kaiya Lloyd, Tyler Price, Josiah Luoni, Ethan Conger, Malissa Sun, Alice Moir, Jess Slimin, Bethany Mitchell, Gabby Clarke, Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Logan Tahiwi, Jacob Dredge, Blake Storrier, Tom Varney, Grayson Lodge, Boston James, Ben Cen, Emily Gunn, Lizzie Tichbon, Noah Purcell, Ella Mayston, Eli Hancock, Will Tate-Davis, Sophie Searancke, Rachel Hodgson, Fraser Babb, Jack Parker, Piripi Pinfold-Whanga, Emilia Lopez, Alyssa Smiler, (Ella Aull Tap dance only) (47)


Principal Dancers

Aylin Atalay, Selena Ton, Nicole Doidge, Ella Mayston, Grayson Lodge, Noah Purcell, Logan Tahiwi, Tyler Price



Ella Aull, Malissa Sun, Nicole Doidge, Alice Moir, Noah Purcell, Boston James


Lampost dancers

Aylin Atalay, Selena Ton, Nicole Doidge, Ella Mayston, Lizzie Tichbon, Malissa Sun


Named roles (with auditionees in no particular order)

The following are selected to attend the workshops for major named roles. If you believe you have been omitted from a role, please email me immediately and I will consider your appeal. We will begin culling names very quickly as we workshop and will appoint roles as soon as we know who we want. This may mean some roles are cast before their stated formal audition.


Bill: Jacob Dredge, Zac Maskill, Blake Storrier


Sally: Paris Kareko, Ayesha Satya, Rachel Hodgson, Leanora Potten, Alice Moir, Gabby Clarke, Sophie Searancke


Jaquie (auditionees will be taught a short dance so wear dance-friendly clothing please): Ayesha Satya, Rachel Hodgson, Sophie Searancke, Leanora Potten, Gabby Clarke, Paris Kareko, Emily Gunn, Alice Moir


Sir John: Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Ben White, Ollie Gillespie, Caleb Rayner, Zac Maskill, Ethan Conger, Blake Storrier, Jacob Dredge, Grayson Lodge


Duchess: Leah Crisp, Malissa Sun, Alice Moir, Ayesha Satya, Paris Kareko, Gabby Clarke, Bethany Mitchell, Emily Gunn


Parchester: Ollie Gillespie, Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Caleb Rayner, Ethan Conger, Blake Storrier, Jacob Dredge, Will Tate-Davis


Gerald: Jacob Dredge, Ethan Conger, Ollie Gillespie, Caleb Rayner, Blake Storrier, Josiah Luoni, Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Tom Varney


Charles: Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Ben White, Matthew Allen, Ollie Gillespie, Caleb Rayner, Ethan Conger, Blake Storrier, Jacob Dredge, Josaiah Luoni, Dylan Cryer, Will Tate-Davis, Tom Varney


Sir Jasper: Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Ben White, Matthew Allen, Ollie Gillespie, Caleb Rayner, Ethan Conger, Blake Storrier, Jacob Dredge, Dylan Cryer, Tyler Price, Will Tate-Davis, William Hince, Eli Hancock


Lady Battersby: Ayesha Satya, Rachel Hodgson, Sophie Searancke, Gabby Clarke, Paris Kareko, Leah Crisp, Emily Gunn, Alice Moir, Malissa Sun


Lord Battersby: Karmeehan Senthilnathan, Ben White, Ollie Gillespie, Caleb Rayner, Ethan Conger, Blake Storrier, Jacob Dredge, Josaiah Luoni, Dylan Cryer


Mrs Brown: Bethany Mitchell, Kaiya Lloyd, Leah Crisp, Shanay Rossiter, Rachel Hodgson, Sophie Searancke


Constable: William Hince, Josaiah Luoni, Blake Storrier, Ethan Conger, Ben White, Grayson Lodge, Eli Hancock, Ollie Gillespie


Roles to be appointed:

Bob, Cook, Maids incl Jaquie’s Maid, Major Domo, Footman, Lady Brighton, Lady Worthington-Worthington, Sophia Stainsley-Asherton, Simon, Thomas and Richard (Hareford Ancestors), Boy, Girl


Students who wish to be considered for Understudies:

Laura Lopez, Leah Chrisp, Shanay Rossiter, Paris Kareko, Dylan Cryer, Matthew Allen, Ollie Gillespie, Ethan Conger, Malissa Sun, Alice Moir, Bethany Mitchell, Gabby Clarke, Blake Storrier, Tom Varney, Ben Cen, Emily Gunn, Lizzie Tichbon, Ella Mayston, Jack Parker, Eli Hancock

Monday 21/10 Well done today to our first lineup of auditionees. You all gave it everything and some of you improved your standings. We look forward to Wednesday and being able to give you our decisions asap.​
Sunday 20/10 We are extremely proud of all of you fronting today and putting yourselves on the line again. Many of you pushed yourselves beyond your comfort zones and that is such an important part of what you get from our process. Once we hit tap and PDs it was fantastic to see some who had not shown up in workshops, giving themselves a real chance through dance. We are really looking forward to general auditons - make it hard for us by backing yourself to the hilt.
Weds 16/10 This is always one of my favourite times of the whole show, and today was no exception. What an amazing privilege it was to sit and watch/listen to you all giving your hearts. We so admire all of you young men and women who put yourselves on the line today. For many of you it was a huge step and we know that but it is also really important. You have now smashed a glass ceiling by singing solo and it will never be so hard again. I was worried by the huge loss of senior experience - now I don't know why because the talent that rose to the surface today was amazing. We pushed you much further today than we usually do at this workshop and wow did you respond! The cast we select will be awesome!! I know we are going to resurrect this show and bring absolute delight to our audiences. So looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday. Thank you.
Mon 14/10  Hi guys. Until the cast is selected, comms will be via this page.
Thanks for a fantastic first workshop today. Already we can see that our vision to give life and attack to an older show so it engages a 21st century audience, will work. We were delighted by the energy and obvious prep many of you showed. Our challenge to you is to keep building on that. Looking forward to Weds!!
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