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2021 T1 Weeks 0 - 3

with amended Wks 2 - 3

2021 Timeline Version 6

Scene 1.2 Gameshow Final

Artistic Management Team

Director Chris Burton, Dance Director, Co-Director Alex Hughes,

Vocal Director, Co-Director  Kirsten Clark, Band Director Danielle Joe

Student Company Manager: Nikki Weston

Costume Directors: Sally Darby and Carol Kellett

Assistant Dance Director: Zac Maskill

Stage Managers: Thomas van Stipriaan, Sophie Collis


Director’s note

Currently, this show has never been performed outside of the USA. At my request, rights have been granted to an Australian distributor, David Spicer, to distribute the show in Australasia. Hopefully, this will be our second Australasian premiere.

The show was originally written for a cast of 6 but we will be using a cast of 49. We see the exciting ability with this show to give acting, dancing and singing opportunities to capable individuals who aren’t necessarily the named roles and that is what we have done as per the list of roles below.


Streakin’!  is a kaleidoscopic musical flashback to the 1970s set in the USA.

Each scene introduces a cultural happening from the decade. Within each scene are memories related to those phenomena that tumble into each other and morph, ultimately creating a pop collage of the entire decade.

It is a comedy based in the joy of remembering a tumultuous and fast-paced time. Simultaneously (for the people who may not have these memories) there is the music. Each song authentically conjures up the original hit. Although the performers are not impersonating the original artists, they pay homage to the original hits by incorporating quirks and phrasing from those recordings and morphing them into refreshed and alive performances.




Alex Christensen – Guitar

Nicolas Dewhurst – Bass guitar

Josh Bergerson – Drums

Jason Gui - Keyboard

Saem Milwood - Keyboard

Manu Easton - Trumpet




SMs                            Thomas van Stipriaan, Sophie Collis                            

ASMs/AHMs           Tiaki Pomana, Jonathon Hillas                           

Head Mech              Max Clough                         

HOD Light                Thomas Orr            

HOD Mics                 Georgia Keats         

HOD Fly Floor         Hunter Morton      

HOD Props               To be appointed from existing Props Team – interest welcomed                                    from students who will be Y12 or 13 in 2021                       

HOD Makeup          Ally Prasitdamrong                                   

Follow spots           Brandon Winter, Israel Bailey, Blake Worsley                       

Stage crew             Liam Bland, Gabe Crisp, Chamasha Kaluarachchige

Fly floor                 To be appointed from existing crew

Props                     Felix Le, Kezia Gowan, Anoushka Alate, Te Kahurau Papanui-Tuhaka, Tristan Little

Mics                       Emma Thompson, Riley Best, Jaiden Bell (also Front of House) 

Muppet Heads         Adelle Ballantyne

Sound reader          To be appointed from existing crew – interest welcomed from students who will be Y12 or 13 in 2021                                       

Director's PA           Georgia Yeats                                 

Makeup                  Kadia Easton, Cam Baker, Ella Wingfield-Smith

SFX                        Scott Du                               

Swings                   Carter Treadwell, Madison Jones 

Front of House        Jaiden Bell,          




PNGHS: Alice Moir, Lara Harjes, Laura Lopez, Madeline Bevan, Alyssa Smiler, Jess Slimin, Gabby Clarke, Leah Crisp, Bethany Mitchell, Georgia Kirk, Malissa Sun, Selena Ton, Aylin Atalay, Nicole Doidge, Sashini Punchihewa, Ella Mayston, Emily Gunn, Shanay Rossiter, Elizabeth Tichbon, Maddi West, Abbie Taylor, Ella Udy, Lilly Rooney, Nadia Mabey, Kaitlin Murphy, Paris Kareko, Ella Daynes (27)


PNBHS: Jack Billing, Ethan Conger, Boston James, Fraser Babb, Noah Purcell, Harry Laverick, Jack Parker, Will Tate-Davis, Callum McKinnon, Connor Puanaki, Jacob Smith, William Hince, Ezra Davis, Eli Hancock, Ben Cen, Josiah Luoni, Tom Varney, Axis Simon, Jacob Dredge, Grayson Lodge, Vealata Tongati’o, Josh Webster (22)


Principal Dancers

Noah Purcell, Grayson Lodge, Jack Billing, Fraser Babb, Aylin Atalay, Nicole Doidge, Malissa Sun, Selena Ton, Georgia Kirk, Ella Mayston, Sashini Punchihewa, Kaitlin Murphy


Role               Abbreviation          Actor/US

Gloria             GL                        Paris Kareko/ Emily Gunn

Carl                 CA                      Jacob Dredge

Tyrone           TY                        Vealata Tongati’o

Miss Piggy    MP                          Ethan Conger/Shanay Rossiter

Chrissie          CH                        Gabby Clarke

Tripp              TR                        Jack Billing

Caz                 CZ                        Alyssa Smiler

Donny           DY                          Tom Varney

Statler            ST                         Boston James

Waldorf        WD                          Will Tate-Davis

Tap Kneejerk  TP                          Axis Simon

Zanna            ZA                          Maddi West/Alice Moir

Hanna            HA                         Ella Mayston

Anna              AA                         Lizzie Tichbon

Susan Smart  SS                           Ella Udy

Herman J Blobshank  HB               William Hince

Bobbie Blueblood      BB                Lara Harjes

Pops Washington   PW                  Fraser Babb

Stagehand                SH               Harry Laverick

Streaking Chicken  SC                   Callum McKinnon US Josh Webster

Announcer 1  AN1                         Eli Hancock

Dr Grady       DG                           Ethan Conger

Tim Grady    TM                            Josiah Luoni/ Jack Billing

Carver Grady  CV                           Grayson Lodge/Ben Cen

Pookie Grady PK                            Selena Ton/Madeline Bevan

Peggy O’Houlihan  PG                    Laura Lopez/Leah Crisp

Melanie Collins      ML                    Alice Moir/Maddi West

Kermit the Frog  KT                       Alyssa Smiler

Zeb                 ZB                         Fraser Babb

Mark              MK                          Ezra Davis

Lucy               LU                          Laura Lopez

Hal                  HL                         Grayson Lodge

Cy                   CY                         Josiah Luoni

Madam Soul   MS                           Paris Kareko

Sonna            SN                           Malissa Sun

Leesha           LE                            Ella Mayston

Jojo                JJ                            Aylin Atalay

Tony               TO                          Jack Billing

Felicity           FY                            Gabby Clarke

Village Person  VP                           Vealata Tongati’o

Shelley                SH                       Malissa Sun

Announcer 2    AN2                         Axis Simon

Trucker  TK                                    Eli Hancock                   

The Tennilles   TS                           Bethany Mitchell, Laura Lopez, Abbie Taylor

Newsreader 1  NR1                         William Hince

Newsreader 2  NR2                         Shanay Rossiter                 

Newsreader 3  NR3                         Jack Parker

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