Below are the various documents and information you will need to familiarise yourself with prior to auditions. You are not expected to know words off by heart but those who have a good working knowledge of the material certainly have an advantage. Conversely, those who obviously have no idea of lines they are reading, are telling us that selection is not really a great priority to them. 
Ensemble (ALL CAST) material
This is the material that will be used first up in the two general workshops and for the cast audition. All auditionees will be required to print and bring their own copies. If you are unable to do this, please contact
Mr Burton.
Lambeth Walk - Chorus Bar 65 - 96 - 20_0
00:00 / 00:44
Weekend at Hareford Chorus
00:00 / 00:23
Aristocratic (posh) accent:
This Pre-audition Information doc below sets out EXACTLY what is required of you, if you choose to audition, and how our process works. Mr Burton will cover it thoroughly at the Pre-audition Information Evening, Term 3 Week 10, TUESDAY 730pm in The Speirs Centre. This meeting is COMPULSORY for all potential band and cast auditionees. If you have a prior commitment, you must make an apology to Mr Burton BEFORE this event. If you do not, you will not be guaranteed the right to audition.
Bill Snibson

Bar 1 - 44

Leaning on a lamppost - Bill bar 1 -44 -
00:00 / 01:32

Bar 59 - 93

Me and my Girl - Bill
00:00 / 00:52

 Bar 51 - end

You would if you could. Bill
00:00 / 01:36
Sally Smith

Bar 59 - 93

Me and my Girl - Bill
00:00 / 00:52

Bar 1- 33

Once you lose your Hear - Sally -bar 1 -
00:00 / 01:54
(Lady Jacqueline)

Bar 51 - end

You would if you could. Bill
00:00 / 01:36

Bar 108 to end

Thinking of no one - Jacquie
00:00 / 00:48

Playing the spoons!! We would like to make a feature of people who can do this really well and could cast on this skill alone.

Here is one basic tutorial of many on youtube:

...and here's one of the big numbers from our show, The Lambeth Walk, which will feature the spoons. If some people train themselves up well enough, we will make more of a feature of the spoons:

Main (principal) roles:
Script audition excerpts for main named roles

Abbreviations: BL: Bill, SY: Sally, JQ: Jaquie, JN: Sir John, GD: Gerald, DC: Duchess,

PR: Parchester, CH: Charles, LYB: Lady Battersby, LDB: Lord Battersby,

BB: Bob Barking, MB: Mrs Brown, CN: Constable, JP: Sir Jasper Tring, LBN: Lady Brighton

LYB and LDB are non-singing and will be auditioned from Ensemble excerpt 1

Please note Dec blocking days have changed to Tues 17 and Weds 18

Term 1 2020 Timeline
Version 3
Thinking of no one - Gerald
00:00 / 00:25
Bars 1-15
Family Solicitor - Parchestor bar 1 - 42
00:00 / 00:56

Bar 1- 42


 Bar 1 - 23

Song of Hareford - Duchess bar 1 -23 - 2
00:00 / 00:52

Bar 61 - 74

Family Solicitor - Parchestor bar 1 - 42
00:00 / 00:56
Sir John, Sir Jasper, Lord Battersby, Lady Battersby

Bar 72 - 74

Family Solicitor - Parchestor bar 1 - 42
00:00 / 00:56

Bar 44 - 52

An English Gentleman - Charles - bar 44
00:00 / 00:23

2019 - 2020 Production Management Team:


Director: Chris Burton                   

Vocal Director, Co-Director: Kirsten Clark   Dance Director, Co-Director: Alex Hughes 

Band Director: Danielle Joe 

Stage Managers: Zanoor Penny, Ollie Grant 

Co-Producers: Brett Greer, Jennifer Mann, Pam Marks

Costume Directors: Carol Kellett, Sally Darby

Props: Nikki Weston      

Direction Assistants: Sophie Belcher, Sophia Parker, Mark Kilsby

Special FX: Saskia Gilbert

Other Senior student crew: Ella Aull (HOD Makeup), Thomas van Stipriaan (Asst SM, HOD Lighting), Max Clough (HOD Mics), Rae Greenwood (Asst SM), Jack Sinkinson, Kaitlyn Gravit, Sophie Collis, Kezia Gowan, Georgia Yeats

We will be awesome!!

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