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Term 4 2022 Sched

2023 Timeline Term 1 V2

To come in late Jan - a detailed sched for Term 1 2023 Weeks 0 - 3

Company Notices

15/11 Josh Harrison has withdrawn himself from the Company. Consequently, Kade Kareko will move into the role of Will Parker and, as he showed in auditions, he will be awesome! We are therefore looking for another Will Understudy and are holding an open audition this Sunday at 12.15pm. The only exclusions from other guys in the cast will be Jake, Josh W, Axis, Saem and Matthew. We will reorganise any smaller roles or Understudies if we need to. The audition will cover some dance, acting and singing. The relevant sections of dialogue extracts 2 and 3 will be used.

Please reply below or PM me if you would like to audition.

Can Axis Simon, Maddi West and Phoebe Driscole please confirm your availability at 12.40pm to assist with script reading?

Our day to day Comms are now via the PNBHS/PNGHS Oklahoma! 2023 group on FB but will be duplicated here. Please ask to join that immediately. It is a closed group, only open to Company members and their parents/caregivers. If you have whanau asking to join, please tell them they will need to answer the question telling me who they are.
Most Crew are not required until 2023 - see the 2023 Timeline at the top of this page. However, you are always welcome to come to rehearsals and see what's going on. Rehearsals are not open to people who are not in the Company. See the Term 4 Weeks 4+ Sched also pinned above.

Stage Manager: Jono Hillas

Assistant SMs/Head Mechs: Tristan Little and Riley Best

Sound Reader: Emma Ormsby

Lighting Operators: Ismam Bishwas, Alex Waters

Makeup: Merli George, Ve Zhang, Nisah Wahid, Azmain Ifrit

Props: Rosie Gowan, Reinhelda Gowthaman (Co-HODs), Ruan Daniels, Rhiannon Hesp, EJ Buckingham

Follow Spots: Tom Hawinkels (HOD), Megan Winter

Mics: Kaija Fouhy (HOD), Maheli Lankeshwara, El Wiltshire, Sakthi Prabhu

Stage Crew: Matthew Cook, Teesha Dias, Ethan Veale, Atta Rahim

Full Cast:


Maia Niwa, Ivy Ho, Maddi West, Grace Cohen, Lily-Rose Parker, Madeleine James, Abigail Bentham, Ava Gilbert, Ngataria Pomana, Nadia Mabey, Kaitlin Murphy, Ngamarama Tuariki, Stellar Talauta, Poppy Shoebridge, Phoebe Driscole, Linn Herzig, Kate Coutts, Madeline Bevan, Abbie Taylor, Ella Udy, Gabrielle Cavan (21)



Nikhil Baine, Isaac Fox, Jesse Franks, Lachlan Fraser, Lenny Hansen-Wall, Max Hodgson, Kade Kareko, Jake Maskill, Saem Millward, Connor Puanaki, Axis Simon, Scott Sun, Angus Taylor, Joshua Webster, Jesse Wallace, Noah Wingfield-Smith, Matthew Wongchoti (17)


Aunt Eller Phoebe Driscole/Maia Niwa

Curly Jake Maskill/Joshua Webster

Laurey Madeleine James/Ella Udy

Ado Annie Maddi West/Lily-Rose Parker

Will Kade Kareko

Ali Hakim Axis Simon/Scott Sun

Jud Fry Saem Millward/Axis Simon

Carnes Matthew Wongchoti/Jesse Franks

Preacher Josh Joshua Webster

Gertie Cummins Kate Coutts/Madeline Bevan

Principal Dancers: Ivy HoKaitlin MurphyNgataria PomanaNgamarama Tuariki, Abigail Rachel Ames-BenthamNadia Mabey,Lachlan Fraser, Lenny Hansen-Wall, Kade Kareko, Angus Taylor, Nikhil BaineMax Hodgson


We will be awesome!!!

OKLAHOMA! March 16 - 25 2023
Rodgers' and Hammerstein's musicals are credited with being the first to introduce darker human issues into musical theatre, paving the way for shows such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. Oklahoma! is set in 1904 in a poor, white farming and ranching community in the then called the "Indian Territory" which became the state of Oklahoma in 1907. Whilst there are strong racial discrimination issues surrounding this change, they are not part of the show.
Guided by the canny and worldly-wise Aunt Eller, the show focuses with wry comedy on the ups and downs of various relationships while also revealing the historic clash between farmers and land-hungry cattle ranchers. The darkest moments, though, are reached through the character of farmworker, Jud, and his unhealthy obsession with Laurey. 

Our production will be funny, sharp and very tight. A fabulous set design is sorted, evoking the concepts of  hot, arid, wide-open spaces. Professional backing tracks from the USA will deliver the amazing, swelling melodies that are an R&H trademark. While there are 7 major roles, there are many smaller parts and we are working to keep our chorus as busy as possible. 
Mr B.

Oklahoma! Management Team 

Director and Production Manager: Chris Burton   

Vocal Director: Kirsten Clark   

Choreographers: Alex Hughes and Tamzin Price. Assistant: Ruby Jamieson

Musical Director: Lottie Perry

Assistant Director: Sophie Coetzee

Assistant Production Manager: Nik Kearns

Stage Manager: Jono Hillas

Costume Directors: Sally Darby, Carol Kellett

Production Secretary: Tiaki Pomana

Student Company Managers: Maryanne Kensington, Sophie Coetzee, Kelly Pfeffer, Tamzin Price

Ticketing and production assistance: David Hop Wo and Pam Marks

Props Director: John Strang

Makeup and Hair Directors: Sophie Belcher, Kelly Pfeffer-Marshall

Backstage Manager: Sue Taylor

Direction Assistants: Sophia Parker, Mark Kilsby

PNGHS liaison: Brenda Pomana-Whale

Crew Mentors: Matt Allen, Tiaki Pomana, Ben White

Aunt Eller and Curly

Ado Annie

Jud Fry and his "dancers" in Laurey's dream

Ali Hakim

We will be awesome!!


Will Parker with Aunt Eller

Rope skills required...

Learning about Oklahoma!

Main character info


Minor Roles and Bit Parts

If you have read everything and have a question,
email Mr Burton

Audition material 

This doc with the 2023 Timeline above is your bible for understanding what will be expected of you and when, for Oklahoma! Please ensure you and a parent or caregiver read them carefully before submitting an application.

2022 Pre-audition Information Version 2 - two blocking day dates in Dec have been changed 

The Good Books: Full script (audition excerpts below) and Vocal score.You will need both if you are selected

You may choose to print your own or pay $5 each for bound copies.

Full script V2

Vocal Score V2

Workshop/audition materials for Oklahoma! You are required to print and bring your own copies of workshop/audition material

Dialogue workshop/audition excerpts 1 & 2 for Ensemble. 

Instructions at top of the excerpt sheets.

All singing workshop/audition excerpts including Ensemble (all cast) general audition and Principal auditions. You will need to locate the pages in the Vocal score above and print them. Backing tracks further down.

Application Forms

Audition dialogue excerpts for Aunt Eller, Curly, Laurey, Ado Annie, Ali Hakim, Will and Jud

Cast application form

Applications close 30/09/22

More music for the selected cast...

Many a New Day - Girls' harmony

Poor Jud is Daid (revised)

Oklahoma 2nd chorus

Due to the current issue with illness, we have reluctantly decided not to include instruments this year. All music will be from our purchased, professional tracks.
Principal audition tracks
The farmer and the cowman -Aunt Eller - 16_07_21, 7.13 PM
00:00 / 00:23
All er nothin' - audition extract - 1_09_21, 11.32 AM
00:00 / 00:38
I Cain't say no - audition - 16_07_21, 6.44 PM
00:00 / 01:08
Kansas City - 16_07_21, 6.33 PM
00:00 / 00:50
Oh what a beautiful . audition - 16_07_21, 5.56 PM
00:00 / 00:44
Ensemble audition tracks
The farmer and the cowman -Ensemble - 16_07_21, 7.12 PM
00:00 / 00:23
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Alto
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Soprano
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - tenor
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Bass
00:00 / 01:42
surrey with the fringe. Audition Extract - 16_07_21, 6.00 PM
00:00 / 01:00
Pore jud is Daid - Preacher audition - 30_08_21, 4.40 PM
00:00 / 00:31
People will say we're in love. Curly - 16_07_21, 6.20 PM
00:00 / 01:00
People will say we're in love. Laurey - 16_07_21, 6.08 PM
00:00 / 00:59
Out of my dreams. Laurey - 16_07_21, 6.29 PM
00:00 / 01:08
Girls' Harmony Group
Many a new day singing girls mezzo sop
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day singing girls. alto
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day singing girls. soprano
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day - Girls harmony group - audition - 30_08_21, 4.44 PM
00:00 / 00:22