Key docs for all Company
The 2022 season of Oklahoma! is cancelled.
I want to thank our Artistic and Tech Management team for sharing their interpretations of regs and their experience at our meeting this afternoon. It became very clear very quickly, that we could not proceed. Among those reasons are:
If someone got ill the whole Company would need to isolate
Adequate power supply to outdoor sites 
Dance, singing and wind/brass instruments need to be outdoors
Security for Tech gear
Potential weather issues
We wouldn't be able to deliver as awesome an experience as we all wanted
This is not what any of us wanted but it is life as we currently experience it and we all have to deal with that. If you find yourself particularly upset, please talk to whanau, other Company members, friends, staff at both schools, counsellors etc. We have tried to find a way out and failed but I'm glad we tried. You have been a superb group of young adults to work with and we will miss that contact and seeing how much you would continue to grow through the process. I feel very sorry for our Y13s who will not get a Production.
However, the team is adamant that OK! will be our show for 2023. We have all, like you, learned what an awesome show it is and now have extra time to think about how we will present it. Auditions will be held as usual, in Term 4. I think it is fair to say that returning students who won major roles, will be favoured for retaining those as long as they show us they still really want them.
Kia kaha guys. We are all in this together and we will be awesome despite disappointment. xx
Apologies to anyone who counts on this page for contact. In the upheaval of the last few days I have forgotten to update here.
Here is the current situation: rehearsal tonight is cancelled allowing the management team to meet and consider a Plan B. This would almost certainly be some type of outdoor performance as our ability to stage OK! in the Speirs as we had intended, looks very unlikely during Covid Red. Outdoors gives us more options. Company members have been given the opportunity to withdraw at this stage if they so choose and I have asked them to PM or email me, 
Watch this space
Hi Guys. I hope you and yours are all well. Some good news - one of our Company at the Festival has tested negative.
It's time to start working towards a decision. If you or your parents have a strong view for or against us continuing rehearsal on Monday night, please PM me. Your responses will be completely confidential but I need to get a feel for how the Company and their families are looking at our show in the current Covid/Omicron context. This will be a key factor in the decision I will make by Sunday night.
Thanks in advance
Rehearsals suspended
I have just learnt from one attendee of yesterday's rehearsal that they were at the Festival in Hamilton that has just become a place of interest. I am very grateful to this person for being upfront and proactive. While it is only a potential risk at this stage (this person is getting tested and isolating), it would be unprofessional for me to ask any of you to attend without the consent of you and your parents.
Consequently, All scheduled rehearsals today and Sunday are cancelled. Please keep checking this site or the FB page as I will be keeping you as up to date as possible. Please help me by ensuring friends who were called today are aware of this. Just released MoH info: 


Soundsplash music festival

Yesterday afternoon five people in Auckland tested positive for COVID-19 after having attended Soundsplash music festival in Hamilton over the weekend.

This morning, a location of interest was published for the event.

Anyone who attended the festival is asked to self-monitor for symptoms for ten days following exposure at the event, which is until Wednesday, February 2.

If any cold or flu symptoms develop which could be COVID-19, please get a test and isolate at home until a negative result is returned.  

So far, 68 people who attended the festival have been identified as close contacts, and this number is expected to increase. Contact tracing staff are contacting these individuals, who are required to follow all public health advice regarding isolation and testing.

Whole Genome Sequencing has confirmed that one of the cases who attended the festival has the Omicron variant. Whole genome sequencing is underway for the remaining four cases.

Interviews with the five cases will assist in determining whether they contracted COVID-19 before or while attending the festival.

A fantastic first up rehearsal yesterday Team! Thanks for the energy and focus you gave us in. In these uncertain times motivation can be a challenge but I was impressed by your attitude and how quickly (again) you picked things up. Roll on today!!
I am constantly keeping up to date with Ministry of Ed rulings and will keep you posted. There is much detail we have yet to be informed on.
Hi Guys. This morning I have been in  discussion on the future of our show with the senior management of both our schools and the key members of our artistic management team. There have been some varying opinions on whether or not we should cancel now. Taking all things into consideration I have made the call that as I posted earlier this week, we go with our sched until it becomes clear for whatever reason, that we cannot continue. Obviously we must operate under red rules. There is a likelihood we will have to cancel at some stage but I'm not prepared to give up until that is clear.
Please ensure you bring and correctly use a mask and also your Vax pass. You will not gain entry to the Speirs without them.
Please note for 345pm call today: LY, 1K, 2V, 3E, 4V - it is #9 and the lead-in to it we are blocking, not #10
Hi to you all out there. The lights have turned red and one can only feel so sorry for the much-beleagured Company of We Will Rock You which includes a number of our own and has had to cancel. 
I'm sure you are experiencing some doubt and anxiety about OK! so I am posting to keep you completely up to date. There is no absolute certainty for anyone at the moment, but taking things as they are, there are plenty of positives with a few minor changes under Red which will allow us to continue as scheduled at this stage:
1 There will be a max of 100 people with valid passes in the Speirs at any one time. All will be required to produce them - more details to follow.
2 Singing rehearsals will be conducted in the covered tuckshop area. Any singing onstage will be at no more than a quiet speaking volume. This could prove a very valuable training tool for us all.
3 Masks must be worn at all times. This will challenge our articulation skills and again could prove very valuable.
4 I am seriously considering reducing our scaffolding structure significantly to reduce potential cost. 
The good news, obviously, is that we can continue. There may be further challenges along the way but if we all follow the rules, support each other and be prepared to adapt, we will be awesome!!
Happy New Year Team!! I hope you have been able to enjoy some of this amazing summer. Two things:
1 Female PDs: we would like to fit your ballet costumes at 430pm on Weds 26th Jan - ie 30 mins earlier than your current call. 
2 We are just over a week out from rehearsals so please ensure that by your first call you are fully up to date with what you have been taught so far, with all lines learnt.
Cast Working Plan V1
Above is also the Cast Working Plan for OK! (There is another one for Crew). 
From this you can see exactly who is onstage, when. It is quite probable I have made some errors so if you identify any please let me know. 
The colour coding in the central table shows which of us is responsible for blocking specific sections of dialogue and numbers.
The far right column indicates the awesome state of progress so far. 
2022 Week 0 Sched
Weeks 1-3 details will be posted in Jan but will be within the set rehearsal times for Mon, Thurs and Sunday. From Week 4 we follow the Timeline V4 above.
This table does not show in the phone version so I have also posted it as a doc above
Hi Guys. There is confusion in the script in Act 2 about where scenes begin and end. To clarify, Below are the scenes as we will use them at the marked changes. (1.1 means Act 1 Scene 1). We are not using the scene change on p51.
Also, I have posted above a doc showing the basic set plans for each scene. There may well be minor alterations as we work through putting the show together.
Scene numbers:
1.1 p1          2.1 p37
1.2 p8          2.2 p48
1.3 p10        2.3 p56
1.4 p13 
1.4 p29
1.6 p35
Adjusted sched for this Sunday:
1pm Curly 
1.20 Laurey and Curly. 
1.40 Ado Annie
2pm -3pm All cast in dance. Farmer and Cowman 
3pm - 4.15 All cast singing
2022 Timeline is now V4 with PNGHS Drama trip on Weds March 16 added in red
Hi to all our Company whanau - parents and students. 
I mentioned to the Cast a few weeks ago that Covid may well lead to some changes for us, and it has. Under the orange traffic light, we will be able to perform to a full house of people who have a valid vax pass - ie they are double vaccinated or whatever this may have morphed to by then. This will also apply to our Company - everyone in the building will have to have a valid pass. 
Consequently, I am notifying you all that early next year we will be asking for and scanning all Company members' passes. The vibe I get is that we have a high degree of complicity already within the Company. However, I need to make it very clear that if, in February, any Company members do not have a valid pass or are about to get one, they will have to step down. If you are likely to withdraw from the production because of this, I would greatly appreciate your contacting me as soon as possible.
Both schools’ Senior Management Teams support this policy in order to protect our communities and allow opportunities such as the Production to take place.  Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this, please contact one of us:
Mrs Brenda Pomana-Whale:
Mr Chris Burton:
T4 Sched V3 is also now out with some changes for the second blocking day to allow Alex to get some of her work done. Please note there are now two spaces operating on the morning of Dec 19.
I have had to make a change to the 2022 Timeline which only affects Rhys and a few crew who will be rigging and focusing lighting. The main day for this has now shifted from Tues Feb 22 to Sat Feb 26 with Sunday 27 am to finish if required. Version 3 is now posted above with changes in red. 
So far only one person has contacted me re a refund for Sunday because of the new double vax pass requirement. (See below). If this applies to you you must contact me by Sunday as I will be putting the refund application in on Monday and if your name is not on it, you won't get one!
Legally Blonde update from Act 3 Productions:
Please sign in on arrival and mask wearing is encouraged.
We will ask to see your My Vaccine Pass at the door. This is for all people aged over 12 years and 3 months. Please have this ready to go. No vaccination pass, no entry.
You may have this on your smart phone or have it printed out ready to go. We need to scan the QR code on this.
Your vaccination pass must be the official one. Your purple vaccination card is not sufficient.
Please also bring a valid ID - Passport, 18+ card or Driver's License
If this means you can no longer attend, please email or PM Mrs Maryanne Kensington and we will arrange a refund. Just not turning up on Sunday will not qualify for a refund.
Thanks to those who have indicated being on PNBHS OPC and Y13 camps in Week 3 of Term 1. This has always happened and our Timeline takes it into account. You do not need to ask for leave for those 2 activities that week. We tend to focus more on the girls' work mid week and you'll be back for Sunday. There will be a late bus running to take you after rehearsal on the Sunday night you depart.

Band members: Arahan Pilkington, Leo Xu, Issy Li, William Duncan, Sophie Katherine Ward, Jason Gui, Scott Du, Angela Fang

1 It appears several of you do not belong to th2 PNBHS/PNGHS Oklahoma! 2022 Faceboook group despite your application saying you would. DO IT IMMEDIATELY PLEASE.

2 None of your applications listed any clashes from this weekend on so I expect you to be at every rehearsal and on time for the rest of the term. Scott Du has leave to be late this Sunday.

17/11 Various posts here:
2021 Senior Production Leavers/Former Performers get together to farewell those who have performed as crew, band or cast this year and are leaving. As has become a tradition in recent years, we are having at get together at the Aqaba on Friday December 17 from 430pm. If you are leaving or have left and would like to attend, read on!!

To drink alcohol, you must be 18 or accompanied by an adult.

Aqaba have asked us to pre-order so the menu is attached. The online order form is here:[0]=AT3sE9UDpqfiWdguTOFsUtwBlouqcb9UFTm63qm_6ScKraEUXxuCdeoy9rBHMjh9F3t4gu_5lxQotF9kPEagBVMk5Nwh6E0u2pFF0fV6tfyWmHI8wGdr-yoSr4t9Wquxp4v-Ir4vwCuac1X87BI67a50vLscYiC4szI


The parents/caregivers of everyone in the Company - Band Crew and Cast - have been emailed by our Marketing Director, Mrs Rachel Wenham, offering the opportunity to sponsor *Oklahoma! *However, PNBHS has an unusually strong firewall which means quite a large number of the emails we send go to people's Junk folders. Please help us by asking your parents if they have received this.
Yesterday was a fantastic start to our rehearsal process. You should all have gained a basic idea of the plot and also the high level of tongue-in-cheek humour. Kirsten's harmonies are sounding fab and the band have now had a good look at what's ahead of them. Many thanks to Sally, Carol and Mrs Neilson for getting their Department underway too! It's great to welcome Mrs N in to join this very busy team.
Under our track hiring contract, we are able to give you all access to the final edited performance tracks - we're just working out how do make it work with tablets and phones. It;s fine with laptops.
Lots happening behind the scenes (again) this week. Mrs Wenham, our Marketing Director will be emailing all parents to give them the  opportunity for businesses to become sponsors. We charge no participation fees yet have heavy outgoings - it costs around $45,000 to stage the show - so sponsorship from those who wish to, and are able to, support us, has become essential to supporting our ticket sales and for which we are extremely grateful
Leave Granted: I have posted all those who have given me definite dates though a couple still have to give me times. If you think you have applied for leave, check this because, unless your name is posted on that page, the granting process is not compete. Any concerns or questions please email me asap. 
Remember Legally Blonde payments through your school Finance Offices.
If you owe money for scripts and scores, please have that ready next Sunday.
Schedule for the rest of 2021 is posted above. It has these alterations
  • this Sunday times for the read through
  • 5th of December early start to allow for an early finish for Legally Blonde
  • my two blocking days and who is required when for what
Legally Blonde payments: The Finance Office at each school is collecting the $25. Please register your interest on the post in the Senior Production group then pay by Monday Nov 15. After that I will confirm numbers at those who have paid.

The Band!! Welcome to you all. Please note that you are called for the read-through 12.30pm on Sunday. You will have rehearsal following that.
If you are not already a member, please ask to join these two FB groups ASAP:

PNBHS/PNGHS Oklahoma! 2022 (Only open to current Company members and their caregivers). This will become our daily comms site from now on, with the website
PNBHS/PNGHS Senior Production Company (Open to all current and former Company members and our supporters)

Violin    Angela Fang
Violin    Sophie Ward
Cello    Issy Li
Bass    William Duncan
Trumpet    Arahan Pilkington
Trumpet    Scott Du
Tenor Sax    Leo Xu



Many thanks to all who applied for crew positions. The Stage Managers and I chose our team today. We have taken you all though not everyone got what they indicated interest in. Here are the Senior Crew and various Departments/allocations. It is possible one or two people might be moved around when we start next year. You are all welcome to join us for the read-through this Sunday at 12.30pm.

Senior Crew:
Stage Managers: Tiaki Pomana. Jonathon Hillas
Head Mech: Liam Bland with Assistant:  Chamasha Kaluarachchige
Lighting Operator: Thomas Orr with Assistant: Adelle Ballantyne
Sound Reader/Mics assistant: Riley Best
Tracks Operator: Jason Gui
HOD Mics: Jaiden Bell
HOD Follow Spots: Brandon Winter
HOD Hair/Makeup: Cam Baker
Trainee Stage Manager/Swing: Tristan Little
HOD Props: Emma Harris-Broad

Props: Ruan Daniels, Rosie Gowan, Sienna Gravit, Emma Ormsby
Stage Crew: Linn Herzig, Matthew Cook, Caden van Wyk, Ellite Tang
Mics: Maheli Lankeshwara, Reinhelda Gowthaman
Follow Spots: Megan Winter, Adelle Ballantyne
Sound FX Operator: Bella Nguyen
Makeup/Hair: Katarina Kenzie, Maia de Wit, Ella Daynes, Jiya Bothra, Millie Silk, Karla McNabb

If you are not already a member, please ask to join these two FB groups ASAP:
PNBHS/PNGHS Oklahoma! 2022 (Only open to current Company members and their caregivers). This will become our daily comms site from now on, with the website

PNBHS/PNGHS Senior Production Company (Open to all current and former Company members and our supporters)
The Timeline V2 below gives the details of when crew teams start coming in next year. You are always welcome to drop into any rehearsals though.


There IS a read-through this Sunday and I apologise for not having noticed it wasn't on the sched. Ideally, to make up some time, I would like SMs and Y13s in H1 at 12.15pm and ALL CAST and BAND and crew who wish to attend  (Crew will be announced later today) in the Little Theatre at 12.30pm please. If this is a prob please contact me immediately and if necessary I will adjust times further.
With the move to performance tracks instead of a full orchestra, and the different skill set required, we are bringing in a specialist who has conducted with them for Act 3 Productions. We are delighted to welcome Lottie Perry to our team! Lottie is currently the Musical Director for Legally Blonde and also MD'd Mamma Mia two years ago. She will be a huge asset to us.
Miss Joe will start the 8 piece band as per our sched and get the music underway with Lottie joining us when LB has completed.
Please note the offer to attend Legally Blonde which includes a number of former and current Company members onstage and in the crew. Details on the Company FB group page. Numbers close Sunday Nov 7.
Please note my mistake with the first rehearsal/Read through date. I have corrected it to what we had sheduled - Nov 7 (not Nov 1)
As a final check, I have received crew apps from the following. If you think I have missed you or someone else, please let me know immediately. We will select next week.
Tiaki Pomana, Jonathon Hillas, Jason Gui, Riley Best, Jaiden Bell
Brandon Winter, Chamasha Kaluarachchige, Cam Baker, Tristan Little, Rosie Gowan, Millie Silk, Karla McNabb, Emma Ormsby, Emma Harris-Broad, Megan Winter, Sienna Gravit, Reinhelda Gowthaman, Maheli Lankeshwara, Maia de Wit, Caden van Wyk, Katarina Kenzie, Matthew Cook, Ellite Tang, Linn Herzig, Sindhura Lalam, Ella Daynes, Jiya Bothra, Adelle Ballantyne, Ruan Daniels
November Sched Version 2. Minor changes for girls in
the first 3 weeks
Lead roles: Curley, Laurey, Ado Annie, Will, Jud: Kirsten is very keen to take advantage of this free Sunday to start some solo work with you. Please talk to your understudy and see if you can arrange a time with her.
Now we have selected cast, I will shift my day to day comms from the Senior Production FB page to our own group. Details will follow. 
We are done and here are all the named roles and understudies. Congrats to our stunning principals and everyone who took part for helping them get there. This has certainly been the most demanding audition process we have been through - but also the quickest because of your preparation levels. Male PDs are going to be particularly busy so we have shared the minor male roles elsewhere. I know we will have one of the strongest MT casts to take the stage in the region in 2022. Now the path to awesomeness  starts! 
Nothing for the next week or so till Sunday Nov 7 when we have our read through - can't wait!! We will issue your scripts and scores then so please bring your $10 along. We will also have some progress on show garments to announce. 
Aunt Eller    Alice Moir U/S  Cici Sun
Curly    Jack Billing    U/S  Josh Harrison
Laurey    Madeleine James,  U/S Maddi West
Ado Annie    Paris Kareko
Will        Jake Maskill, U/S Camden Woodroffe 
Ali Hakim      Axis Simon
Jud Fry    Eli Hancock
Carnes    Will Tate-Davis
Principal Dancers: Sashini Punchihewa, Nicole Doidge, Georgia Kirk, Malissa Sun, Kaitlin Murphy, Ivy Ho, Camden Woodroffe/Jake Maskill, Noah Purcell, Kade Kareko, Fraser Babb, Lachie Fraser
Preacher    Saem Millward
Ike Skidmore Josh Webster
Gertie Cummins    Kate Coutts
Cord Elam    Callum McKinnon U/S Jack Parker
Slim         Connor Puanaki
Fred         Harry Laverick
G1/Kate    Maddi West/Madeleine James
Girl 2/Vivian   Abbie Taylor
Girl 3/Ellen   Stellar Talauta
Girl 4/Virginia   Ella Udy
Porter/Farmer 3/Man 2    Jonathan Stone
Farmer 1/Man 4:  Jesse Franks
Farmer 2/Mike:  Max Hodgson
Man 1/Tom: Jack Parker/Callum McKinnon
Woman 1: Madeline Bevan
And one for the musos...unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control have forced us to abandon the idea of a full orchestra for Oklahoma! Consequently, I have just purchased full performance tracks from the USA which we expect to support with a small number of instruments. These tracks are the full instrumental version of our rehearsal tracks and so our edits can be imported. They sound great and will mark a new step for us. Miss Joe will be in touch with all musicians who have applied.
We will be awesome!!

Well guys, here we go. It is pretty emotional to be naming my final cast for this Company but I could not be prouder of every one of you who has auditioned. Numbers were less but the quality was up and for girls in particular, this made it very tough. Thankyou all for putting yourselves out there. It was particularly rewarding to see auditionees who missed out last year coming back, having done some hard yards and lifted their skills, to get in.
Today the standard lifted again, forcing us to take 43 instead of 40, and pushing a number of extra names through into principal workshops! Please understand though, that we will be reducing numbers very quickly in principal workshops. We suspect that after next Sunday we will have named our leads and appointed other named roles and the girls' harmony group. However, you may make that impossible!
Because there is some crossover between principal auditionees and Principal Dancers, we have decided not to name PDs until we have named our leads.
Our commiserations to those who have not made it. The standard was exceptionally high. I hope you have enjoyed and learned from the experience and can come back stronger next year. Crew applications are open till 430pm this Friday which you are welcome to apply for, and some of you are being considered as musos. 
We will be awesome!

The Oklahoma! ensemble: 
S Abbie Taylor, S Paris Kareko, S Stellar Talauta, A Alice Moir, A Madeline Bevan, A Lily-Rose Parker, A Laura Lopez, S Alyssa Smiler, S Kate Coutts, A Lara Harjes, T Cici Sun, S Maddi West, S Madeleine James, S Ella Udy, A Nadia Mabey, A Kaitlin Murphy, A Ivy Ho, A Kadia Easton, A Lilly Rooney A Malissa Sun, A Georgia Kirk, A Sashini Punchihewa, A Nicole Doidge (23)

T Harry Laverick, T Kade Kareko, T Joshua Webster, B Lachlan Fraser, B Connor Puanaki, B Callum McKinnon, T Fraser Babb, T Jack Billing, T Noah Purcell, B Jack Parker, B Eli Hancock, T Jake Maskill, T Max Hodgson, T Josh Harrison, Camden Woodroffe, Saem Millward, Axis Simon, Will Tate-Davis, Johnathan Stone, Jesse Franks, (20)

22/10 CREW APPLICATIONS CLOSE NEXT FRIDAY OCT 29 AT 430PM. Applications can be delivered by then in hard copy or emailed to
At auditions on Monday we will be asking two questions:
1 Do you want to be considered for an understudy role?
2 Do you want to pay $10 for printed and bound copies of the vocal score and script or will you print your own?
Don't forget that after the Ensemble Dance audition everything has come forward an hour
Ensemble Dance audition in the PNBHS Old Gym opposite the Hall
Principal Dancer auditions in the Little Theatre
Cast auditions in H1

21/10 Hi Guys, Apologies but I made a stuff up with timing
for Monday, somehow slotting an extra hour between Dance
auditions. So as per this doc, everything after the 10am Ensemble
audition is coming forward an hour - marked in red. If this is a
problem for you let me know immediately and we will fit you in. 
Notes; Just a superb afternoon, thank you. The singing was stunning. I'm very impressed by the levels of prep and singing without music - it makes such a difference to what you can then show us dramatically.
Always at this stage I give this reminder: Team First means we will cast principal roles to the people we think are best from what they have shown us. We do not do it based on age or number of years with us. Currently, some of our younger performers are giving themselves every chance of being in a lead or understudy role. So please ensure you are bringing your best each time you front. One of the reasons we keep workshops open at this stage is so you can see and hear what we are seeing and hearing and our final decisions are as transparent as possible.
Don't sing a love song with your eyes closed!
Work on softness and melody in the love songs and bringing depth of emotion to the moments that demand it. 
Read the words you are singing carefully for nuances and subtexts. Visualise what you are singing about to help you get in the right space.
Remember to energise your face when you are singing - beautiful notes lose their charm in an expressionless face
20/10 I understand that today's workshops went extremely well and I am really looking forward to the principal singing ones tomorrow. This will give us a further guide to establishing our principal audition list as several of the roles have a very specific and demanding singing requirement.
On another note, I enjoyed the exhilirating experience of a Covid test today and achieved a negative result - which ironically is very positive!!

Wow that was a pretty stunning afternoon guys! We are seeing some amazing work with a great blend of development from last year, experience and new faces. It is a privilege for us to watch you puuting yourselves on the line and stepping up to our challenges. Thank you.

A couple of notes:

Aunt Ellers please think about these things: a mature (not teenage) voice, a firm posture,

Laurey: strength in voice and posture - don't slouch

Jud: use your lower register and think latent aggression

All: keep your feet still; good projection, articulation, pace, facial energy and awareness of subtext are obvious in those who are stepping forward the most - and there are a number of you.

Please make sure you have booked your audition slot by tomorrow.

Unfortunately I am not feeling 100% tonight and, in the current situation, will stay home tomorrow. It will be the first workshop I have missed in 25 years! Our Team will have it all under control and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Morena folks. Audition sheets will go up this morning on the notice board for this Labour Monday 25/10. There are 5 x 30 minute sessions for 12 people each, 3 each of the following vocal parts. The first session is at 1.45pm, 30 mins after Principal Dancer auditions conclude.

S = Soprano A = Alto T = Tenor B = Bass

Please fill them out today if possible. Girls, if there are no spaces left for your vocal part, go to the final audition and write in your part. Boys leave the final session empty please – 3.25 guys may be asked to stay on to balance the final session


What a fantastic first up workshop today! We were impressed by the the prep you had done and the energy you gave us. The harmonies you were achieving with Kirsten were superb.

This is going to be a very tight selection process so please ensure you are giving it your best. Watch the pace and articulation in dialogue.

On a different tangent, huge thanks to Marketing Director Rachel Wenham and sponsors Capture Signs and Uzabus who have again combined to provide advertising on the back of a bus - see it on FB and keep an eye out for it around town!

Please remember:

  • Print and bring all the Ensemble material

  • Arrive early and put a large, clear name tag on

  • Get up! 

  • Get seen! 

  • Get heard!!

28/9 We delighted to announce two new appointments to the Artistic Management Team - Mrs Maryanne Kensington (PNGHS Staff) as Production Secretary and Mr John Strang (PNBHS Staff) as Props Supervisor. Great to have you on the Team guys.
Due to DanceNZMade moving to Tues 26/10 we have relocated our Dance auditions tro the morning of Labour Day, Oct 25 in the PNBHS Old Gym. They will be followed by general Ensemble auditions as already planned. New sched below.
Oklahoma! Performances in March 2022

Week 7

Thurs 17               7.30pm Opening Night!!

Fri 18                     1pm PNBHS matinee

Sat 19                    7.30pm

Sun 20                   2pm matinee


Week 8

Mon 21/3             7.30pm Understudies’ performance

Tues 22 & Weds 23          5.30pm   

Thurs 24               7.30pm

Fri 25                   No performance - 1997 – 2021 Reunion 

Sat 26                  7.30pm

OKLAHOMA! March 17 - 26 2022
Rodgers' and Hammerstein's musicals are credited with being the first to introduce darker human issues into musical theatre, paving the way for shows such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. Oklahoma! is set in 1904 in a poor, white farming and ranching community in the then called the "Indian Territory" which became the state of Oklahoma in 1907. Whilst there are strong racial discrimination issues surrounding this change, they are not part of the show.
Guided by the canny and worldly-wise Aunt Eller, the show focuses with wry comedy on the ups and downs of various relationships while also revealing the historic clash between farmers and land-hungry cattle ranchers. The darkest moments, though, are reached through the character of farmworker, Jud, and his unhealthy obsession with Laurey. 

Our production will be funny, sharp and very tight. A fabulous set design is sorted, evoking the concepts of  hot, arid, wide-open spaces. Our first full orchestra in many years will deliver the amazing, swelling melodies that are an R&H trademark. While there are 7 major roles, there are many smaller parts and we are working to keep our chorus as busy as possible. We are aiming to limit the cast to 40. All cast will be required to dance to a basic standard with a specialist group as usual. Keep watching below for Information and Application documents. Workshop/audition selections will also be posted over this term.
Mr B.

Aunt Eller and Curly

Ado Annie

Jud Fry and his "dancers" in Laurey's dream

Ali Hakim

We will be awesome!!


Will Parker with Aunt Eller

Rope skills required...

Learning about Oklahoma! Audition material further down.

Main character info


Minor Roles and Bit Parts

If you have read everything and have a question, email Mr Burton

These two docs are your bible for understanding what will be expected of you and when, for Oklahoma! Please ensure you and a parent or caregiver read them carefully before submitting an application.

2021 Pre-audition Information V2

2022 Timeline Term 1 Version 2

The Good Book
Term 4 Weeks 1-3 Version 2

You may choose tro print your own or pay $5 for a bound copy.

Audition materials for Oklahoma! You are required to print and bring your own copies of workshop/audition material

What will happen in Term 4 2021?

Version 2

Ensemble (all cast) script excerpts 1 and 2. Instructions at top of the excerpt sheet.

Audition dialogue excerpts for Aunt Eller, Curly, Laurey, Ado Annie, Ali Hakim, Will and Jud

Crew application form

Applications close 8/11//21

Cast application form

Applications close 29/09/21

PNBHS Vocal Score

Many a New Day - Girls' harmony

Singing excerpts V2

Poor Jud is Daid

Oklahoma 2nd chorus

Instrumentation we expect to use: Keyboard (x2), Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet (x2), Bassoon, Horn (x2), Trumpet (x2), Trombone, Percussion/Drums, Violins (x4), Viola, Cello, Bass, Guitar/Banjo

Band application form. Applications close 29/09/21

Principal audition tracks
The farmer and the cowman -Aunt Eller - 16_07_21, 7.13 PM
00:00 / 00:23
All er nothin' - audition extract - 1_09_21, 11.32 AM
00:00 / 00:38
I Cain't say no - audition - 16_07_21, 6.44 PM
00:00 / 01:08
Kansas City - 16_07_21, 6.33 PM
00:00 / 00:50
Oh what a beautiful . audition - 16_07_21, 5.56 PM
00:00 / 00:44
surrey with the fringe. Audition Extract - 16_07_21, 6.00 PM
00:00 / 01:00
Pore jud is Daid - Preacher audition - 30_08_21, 4.40 PM
00:00 / 00:31
People will say we're in love. Curly - 16_07_21, 6.20 PM
00:00 / 01:00
People will say we're in love. Laurey - 16_07_21, 6.08 PM
00:00 / 00:59
Out of my dreams. Laurey - 16_07_21, 6.29 PM
00:00 / 01:08
Ensemble audition tracks
The farmer and the cowman -Ensemble - 16_07_21, 7.12 PM
00:00 / 00:23
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Alto
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Soprano
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - tenor
00:00 / 01:42
Oklahoma 2nd chorus version 2 - Bass
00:00 / 01:42
Girls' Harmony Group
Many a new day singing girls mezzo sop
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day singing girls. alto
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day singing girls. soprano
00:00 / 00:26
Many a new day - Girls harmony group - audition - 30_08_21, 4.44 PM
00:00 / 00:22

Oklahoma! Artistic Management Team 

Co-Director and Production Manager Chris Burton
Co-Director and Choreographer Alex Hughes

Vocal Director Kirsten Clark

Band Director Danielle Joe

Student Company Manager: Nikki Weston

Costume Directors: Sally Darby and Carol Kellett

Assistant Production Manager: Sophie Belcher

Assistant Choreographer: Tamzin Price

Production Secretary: Maryanne Kensington

Props Director: John Strang

Stage Managers: Jonathon Hillas, Tiaki Pomana